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Keeping Seniors Safe!

Along with other terrific folks, I volunteer with the Montgomery County Police Department's Keeping Seniors Safe ("KSS") program.  My friend Amy got me very interested and involved in the program.  It was started over 27 years ago! (And yes, that is everyone's favorite fireman, Jim Resnick, retired Battalion Fire Chief at Montgomery County Fire Rescue Service. He is now known as the "smoke detector king.")

Keeping Seniors Safe (KSS) is a program that has been developed in conjunction with the Volunteer Resources Section of the Montgomery County Police Department.

The KSS program was established to increase awareness of safety issues within the senior community and to provide guidance and resources to seniors in regard to these issues.volunteers can speak on the following safety topics:

  • Safe shopping habits and parking lot safety

  • Home safety and personal preparedness for an emergency

  • Fraud and scams

  • Identity theft identification and prevention

  • Who to call for emergency and non-emergency needs

A KSS team briefing generally lasts one hour, which includes time for audience questions and comments. The KSS team will also provide your group with additional senior safety resources and handouts.

To learn more about the KSS program or to have KSS speakers at your meeting on any of the above topics, please contact the MCPD Volunteer Resources Section at 240-773-5625. You may also email us at  for more information.



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