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In a few short months, Sally Pessin has been able to explain our current financial picture and outline our future options in ways our previous financial advisor was unable to do in years. Sally is smart and savvy, and without ties to any particular product or strategy, she empowered us with the knowledge necessary to become more self-reliant about investing. She responds promptly to emails and calls and has met with us via Skype to review our portfolio. 


Sally has even taken the time to explain the benefits of a Roth IRA to our adult children! She has unlimited  patience (and for anyone whose eyes glaze over at the mere mention of the word budget, this is key) as well as an unlimited enthusiasm for research and educating her clients. On a scale of 1-10, Sally Pessin, financial literacy coach is a 12!

Cynthia Small, Medfield, MA

Sally keeps my husband and I abreast of any new and interesting investing and retirement articles that she thinks we will benefit from.  I have found her to be intelligent and trustworthy as well as energetic in carrying out her responsibilities.

Nancy Russo, Bethesda, MD

"I met Sally in 2017, hoping to find someone knowledgeable with finances and whom I could trust to give me honest advice and fair fees. I found her. I had no idea what the best way to save for retirement was, how much to save, if it was better to save or pay off debt, etc. I would listen to and read about different people and hear different things each time, and talk of things that I knew nothing about. I felt very illiterate when it came to money, but it was important to me to figure it out so I could reduce my anxiety and get on track. 

I was open about all of this with Sally, and she made me feel very welcome and heard, and patiently explained things to me - at a very basic level so I could understand. After meeting with her the first time, I felt more in control of my finances, if only because I had finally found someone I could trust and who I know would be able to answer my questions.


I met with her subsequently as I got everything together she had asked for, and since that time, I now have no debt, money in savings again and a vacation fund. She made it possible for me to now only prepare for retirement and emergencies, but feel at ease with it (and pride!) I continue to ask her for advice about things, and she spells it out so clearly, I don't feel paralyzed anymore. I am so glad I found her."

Amie LaPorte, Walkersville, MD

I asked Sally to advise me whether my existing investment choices could be improved as I begin to draw down my IRA savings. She reviewed those arrangements with me, and I found that I was wasting some money on high fees. I am very grateful for her insights. Finding Sally was a value investment in itself!

Judy Wagner, Bethesda, MD

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