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Testimonials From My Former Business as a Guitar Teacher in Bethesda

At one of my recitals

"The Guitar Fun program has brought great music and great joy into our home. Sally is a wonderful teacher – positive, patient and fun. She respects the kids and their interests and has shared her love of music with them. Our 10- and 12- year old boys are now huge fans of the guitar … and Sally." 

— Jim and McNeill Lystad, Bethesda 

"My boys, 12 and 13, have never been as enthusiastic about any extracurricular activity as they are about guitar and the classes taught by Sally Pessin. Guitar Fun has done exactly that; made guitar fun." 

— Margaret Powell, Bethesda 

"My daughter can’t wait to go every week to GuitarFun. The recitals at the end of each session are terrific. My daughter was even able to write her own song to perform. I would recommend Sally Pessin’s guitar class to anyone." 

— Cathy Pasquariello, Bethesda 

"From day one, my son has been enthusiastic about his guitar lessons with Sally Pessin. She has a supportive, encouraging teaching style and a love of the music that is infectious. And, according to my son, 'She's a really good guitar player!'" 

— Carolyn Projansky, Bethesda

"Sally has truly fostered our 9 year-old daughter's interest in music and guitar.  Sally is not only talented, but kind, thoughtful and patient with her students.  In addition, she has encouraged and helped our daughter vocally - an added bonus to the guitar instruction. Her use of many pop and contemporary songs seems especially well-suited to her young students. We hope that our daughter will remember to thank Sally when she's on stage accepting her first Grammy.  After all, hope springs eternal..."

Diane Seltzer and David Seltzer, Bethesda 

"GuitarFun has a great recipe for student success. The group classes that Sally teaches are so well done the students feel like they are part of an ongoing jam session. The progress they make under her guidance is amazing." 

— Judy Zimmer, Bethesda 

"I searched and searched to find the right guitar class for my 12 year old daughter. I was so excited to find GuitarFun! My daughter loves it! I don't mind driving the distance from Potomac to Bethesda because my daughter really enjoys the class!"

— Michelle Spott, Potomac 

"Guitar lessons with Sally are first-rate-- and fun! Sally is a terrific teacher, she sings and teaches a wide range of music (from Broadway to the Grateful Dead to the Dixie Chicks and beyond), and she is enthusiastic and supportive of her students. I can't imagine a more rewarding way to learn to play the guitar." 

— Sarah Binder (Adult Student), Bethesda 

"At GuitarFun, my son feels he is really accomplishing something each time he goes to class. He is enthusiastic about going, motivated about practicing, and proud of the progress he's making. I recommend Sally's classes highly." 

— Julie Beaman, Chevy Chase 

"Robbie is enjoying his guitar so much and was recently in the Beatty Competition and made it to the second round. Guitar has been such a wonderful thing for him, and we have you to thank for starting him off.." 

— Shelley Belson, North Bethesda 

"I love the whole idea of having kids play contemporary songs in groups and taking turns singing. Anna really loves this method of learning. Well done!" 

— Virginia Rowthorn-Apel, Bethesda 

"I loved taking guitar with Sally because she never criticizes, she always makes sure that everyone knows the chords before we start playing, and she picks really good songs to play! The circle we had and the people I met in it were fun." 

— Amy (age 15), Bethesda 

"I have enjoyed studying guitar with Sally. It's something that I have always wanted to do. It just took a short time for me to learn to play the chords to some of my favorite songs with ease. It's been a great experience!" 

— Allison Soffer, Chevy Chase, MD (adult student)

"Sally focuses on songs that the kids know...and even that the parents know! This makes it possible to sing along with your child which reinforces what's learned in class. Plus, it's fun too." 

— Adam Kuhn, Bethesda 

"Bonnie's guitar playing is sounding really good. You gave her such a great foundation and love of music. I am truly grateful." 

— Elizabeth Margolis, Bethesda 

"I'm impressed that my daughter learned so much in such a short time -- and it's been great to hear her playing and singing so many great songs - new and old! Given the difficult moments of teenaged years, it's good she can express herself confidently with music - she really enjoys her sessions with Sally and the other kids and is developing her own style with the instrument." 

— Shannon Russell, Bethesda 

"We were both interested in picking up the guitar as a hobby. With Sally’s guidance and musical knowledge, we were both able to play real songs within weeks of beginning our respective classes. And Sally managed to make learning the guitar fun – we always looked forward to class. We highly recommend Guitarfun for all ages." 

— Nathaniel (age 11) and Roger (age 40+), Bethesda 

"As an adult beginning guitar student, I shopped around for the right teacher. Fortunately, I found Sally and have been working with her individually and in group lessons for almost a year now. Sally is a wonderful teacher -- she's easy-going, patient, and supportive. Going to lessons and practicing at home is now one of my favorite things to do!" 

— Shelly Lewis (adult student), Chevy Chase 

"As a new guitar player, I could not be more thankful to Sally for her focus, fun and encouragement. She always makes sure I love the music we are playing. Playing the guitar as an adult has brought me to tears, as songs from different stages of time flood my memories. Sally is so warm and always has great tips when I feel stuck. Playing the guitar is something that I have wanted to do for many years and I am so thrilled that Sally has opened my door to be able to do this." 

— Aliza Lerner (adult student), Kensington

"Sally keeps it fun! My son has really enjoyed learning to play current and classic songs and has learned a lot about rock and pop music" 

— Britta Battaile, Bethesda, MD 

"My son loves his guitar class and his instructor. We were so happy to find Guitar Fun!"


— Mary Ellen Dolan, Bethesda 

"My daughter has loved learning guitar with Sally. Sally has such a wonderful manner with the kids, working with them to find and arrange music they like to play and sing, and having such fun with them along the way. She is a gifted musician and teacher, and her enthusiasm and humor create such a fun and comfortable atmosphere for everyone, students and parents. My daughter, an aspiring singer, has had so much fun at the GuitarFun recitals singing for the appreciative crowd. She has gained so much confidence thanks to the support and encouragement she gets from Sally and all the GuitarFun families she has come to know. She has not only grown and gained much musically, but personally as well." 

— Jennifer Turner, Chevy Chase, MD 

"My daughter (11) has been taking lessons at Guitar Fun for two years and loves the songs that Sally teaches, as well as the camaraderie with the other students. In nice weather, they sometimes have an outdoor class in a bucolic setting that my daughter loves. She will sometimes hand out treats to motivate the children to organize their binders or if it’s someone’s birthday (including her own!) Sally really knows how to make it fun so that the kids don't want to leave!" 

— Naomi Berman, Bethesda 

"My son, now a seventh grader, has enjoyed guitar classes with Sally Pessin for two years. From his very first lesson, he was playing songs that he listens to on his Ipod. "Listen to this, mom," is a phrase I've heard often when he's practicing. Sally provides music instruction in a relaxed setting that the kids enjoy. I highly recommend her program." 

— Marci Greenstein, Bethesda

"Learning guitar with Sally was fun right from the beginning. She teaches music the kids want to play and in 8 short weeks my son was off and and running and completely hooked!" 

— Claudia Ades, Bethesda 

"Our daughters started guitar lessons with Sally in the fall of 2008. Both of our daughters voluntarily play together at home with no prompting from us. It's just clear that they love Sally's lessons and what she does. Sally's recitals are the icing on the cake."

-- Barbara L. Kirschten, Bethesda 

"This spring my two daughters are taking Sally's GuitarFun beginner class for the first time and they love it! They are being exposed to a range of music from the Beatles to folk music to modern favorites which inspire them to practice at home. Sally is a master at teaching the basics of guitar without any pressure or trauma.  The kids are learning a lot and having fun, too."

-- Miriam Chernick, Bethesda

I learned songs I know and love starting at the first lesson. I love being able to sing along to the songs and learning quickly! Sally is a great teacher! I look forward to guitar lessons every week.

 -- Kate Gannon (Age 13), Bethesda

"Sally started teaching my special-needs son guitar when he was 17. She figured out a place for him and made him feel right at home, and when I was late to pick him up once, she gave him a ride home. We were all delighted at how quickly he picked up playing the instrument. Sally is just a really good teacher. She is warm and welcoming and knowledgeable and well-organized and fun and really funny. Children really like her and she is one of those rare grown-ups who teenagers consider to be cool. I think she is well on her way to becoming a community legend." —

--Howard J. Hoffman, Bethesda 

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